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Healthy Sleep...


Sleep restores and recharges us, keeps us healthy, and can even affect medical conditions such as diabetes and weight gain.


How good is your sleep??  Take this Sleep Assessment and find out:


Circle the answer that best fits you.


1.   I doze off in my car when stopped in traffic or at a light.

       Frequently          Sometimes          Rarely          Never


2.    I fall asleep after lunch, even if I have had no alcohol.

          Frequently          Sometimes          Rarely          Never


3.    I fall asleep while sitting and reading.

          Frequently          Sometimes          Rarely          Never


4.    I fall asleep if I lie down for an afternoon rest.

          Frequently          Sometimes          Rarely          Never


5.    I fall asleep while sitting and talking to someone.

          Frequently          Sometimes          Rarely          Never


6.    If I am a passenger in a car for an hour without a break, I fall asleep.

          Frequently          Sometimes          Rarely          Never


7.    I snooze in front of the television.

          Frequently          Sometimes          Rarely          Never


8.    If I am sitting inactive in a public place, I doze off.

         Frequently          Sometimes          Rarely          Never


Now, tally your score with this key:


Never = 0    Rarely = 1    Sometimes = 2     Frequently = 3


Next, answer the following:


9.    I have been told I am a loud or habitual snorer.

          Yes          No


10.  I feel groggy upon awakening.

        Yes          No


11.  I am often sleepy during the day.

        Yes          No


12.  I am overweight.

        Yes          No


13.  I have been told (or know) that I hold my breath or choke in my sleep.

        Yes          No


14.  I sometimes have "jumpy" legs.

        Yes          No



Now, tally your score.  Yes = 1; No = 0


If your total score is more than 8, poor quality sleep may be the problem.



                             Naturest Fit Sleep System

Few things can make you feel better than a good night's sleep. And few things have as powerful an influence on our lives and health. Sleep restores and recharges us, keeps us healthy, and can even affect medical conditions such as diabetes and weight gain. Fortunately, Nikken has developed an advanced sleep technology that helps you stay healthy and get the rest you need.

The Kenko™ Sleep System is scientifically designed for better sleep. Innovations including Nikken RAM™ (radial-axis magnetism) Technology, a massaging-effect on the surface, as well as technologies which provide natural temperature regulation, muscle relaxation and more, provide you with an extraordinary sleep experience.  All natural solutions for better quality sleep!


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