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Health Education
Based on the belief that "knowledge is power", information about health and wellness is essential.  Education about basic essentials for health, along with information tailored for individual needs is empowering and can create a healthy plan for life.
Private appointments and workshops available. Click here to schedule a 30 minute Complimentary Assessment call:
Nutrition-What you eat can contribute either to your wellness or your disease! 
Discover foods that help or hinder! 
Nutrition can either help or hinder your level of health.  Private nutrition assessments and education offer insight into individual needs to get the nutrients your body needs, and offer information about which foods to avoid,  to help you reach your wellness goals.
To get your weight and your health back on track, why not start with a Complimentary Assessment call? Click here to schedule:

Energy Release Techniques


Hidden emotions can effect your health and wellness! 

Are emotionally-charged events from your past still haunting you?  These “trapped emotions” (otherwise known as "emotional baggage") can vary in intensity and become stuck in the body.  They distort the normal energy field of the body, creating pain, malfunction and ultimately resulting in disease. These energies (trapped emotions) are the driving force behind such imbalances as stress, anxiety and trauma as well as physical illnesses. Trapped emotions can be released, resulting in a decreased stress level and increased wellness.

The initial 30 minute call is complimentary. Click here to schedule:
Discover Your Potential

Are you reaching your goals in life or do you feel stuck in an area of your life?  Are you advancing in your career or job promotions?  Do you have health issues that won’t resolve.  Do you have financial issues?  Are your relationships satisfying and fulfilling? 


Past events can cause you to develop dysfunctional habits. These habits can interfere with personal and work relationships, health problems, even financial stress.  They can prevent you from reaching your goals in many areas of life. Learn how the past affects your present situation. 


The good news is that the old, dysfunctional patterns can be changed. Discover how to move into the future with a new understanding and habits to create a life with more balance and joy.

Click here to schedule a 30 minute Complimentary Call to learn more:


Private appointments and group workshops are available.


Introducing simple concepts to create health, wellness & balance for a better quality of life.

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