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 Welcome to Wellness Inspirations, LLC.
 Holistic Wellness for a Better Quality of Life!


I'm Caryn.  I am a wellness specialist in health education, nutrition

and total body balancing. I am passionate about Holistic Health

and Self-Care for families, those who are working and those who

are retired. My approach is based on a simple concept  of balance

in Mind, Body, Relationships, Community and Finances. This can

result in feeling younger and more vital than your years!   

Using your goals as a guide, we work together to establish a plan that will work for you.  My philosophy is that your plan needs to be

  • Easy to understand

  • Simple to do

  • Time efficient

  • Cost-effective

  • Organized

  • Fast 

  • Fun 

Because, if it isn't, you just don't want to do it, right?  So, we evaluate as you progress, and tweak as needed so you can reach your goals successfully.  


HO·LIS·TIC:  (ho-lis'-tik) adj.


a. Emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts.

b. Concerned with wholes rather than analysis or separation into parts. For example: holistic medicine or holistic ecology.


Using the dictionary definition of “holistic” and applying it to the area of wellness, it usually refers to natural health techniques applied to help the body as a whole achieve health and wellness.  This is the foundation for Wellness Inspirations, LLC.

Holistic takes into account the whole person.  This means that each person has different needs. Physical imbalances, including structural alignment and nutrition can be addressed.  At the same time, there are individual emotional needs that need to be met.  (This includes the stress level a person is experiencing.) Sometimes holistic wellness involves assistance with minor lifestyle changes to achieve a better quality of life.

Are you ready to explore a Holistic approach?


  • Wellness Consultations-eliminate the bad and put in the good!

  • Techniques to reduce stress, and increase productivity 

  • Workshops to Discover Your Potential!

Are you curious?  Would you like to know how Holistic Health can benefit you?   Feel free to contact me and schedule a complimentary 30 minute Discovery appointment to learn how you can improve your quality of life. To schedule, click here:


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Introducing simple concepts to create health, wellness & balance for a better quality of life.

Wellness Inspirations, LLC   608-738-5221



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